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We provide our customers with the latest innovations in the auto detailing industry.

Our services offered will bring your vehicle, atv, boat, RV, or motorcycle back to its show room glow. We also offer interior, exterior, and ceramic coatings.

We are located in Ashkum, Illinois. We serve the Illinois area with pride and integrity. Our experts have over 5 years experience in the auto detailing industry. Bringing a sense of unmatched skill and intensity to cleaning your vechicles. We use the up to date methods and products to return your vehicle to its production-quality shine.

We have worked extensively to find the best products to clean and protect your dream car. Our detailers will give you a renewed sense of pride in your ride. We believe that deatiling is much more than simply washing a car. Call or contact us today to get your project started right away.



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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings have such a large benefit to them in the way of aesthetic beauty that bring serious vehicle value improvements to what you drive.
However, the functional perks of any of the Ceramic Coating packages we install at our Ashkum detailing studio all go back to the prevention of stains and contamination buildup.
Our ceramic coatings form a solid, secure, and safe bond with your original clear coat by utilizing nanoparticles that interlock with divots in your finish.
This keeps the coating from washing away like a paint wax or spray sealant does, as those types of protective applications merely dry on top of your paint for a shorter period of time.

How are Ceramic Coatings applied?

Every one of our ceramic coating packages here at Dp Detailing are hand-applied by an automotive artist with extensive training in Ceramic Coating products.
Our coatings come in liquid form, making installation a tactile process that gives our experts the ability to better control consistency.

What makes ceramic coatings so low-maintenance?

The nanotechnology that ceramic coating formulas are made from creates a hydrophobic surface designed to keep liquid and solid contamination from seeping into your clear coat.
This means that you as an owner have much less leftover contamination to clean from your finish following
rain, snow, dust, and other exposure, and the drying process following a hand wash is much shorter as well.


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